Eat'n Park Team Smiley Summer Internship Program

Eat'n Park Team Smiley Internship

Montage of the Cookie Cruiser driving around Pittsburgh landmarks and to various events.

Cut to Emmie, one of our 2017 Team Smiley Interns, addressing the camera while standing in front of the Cookie Cruiser.

>>EMMIE We all love working for Eat'n Park because it's truly a brand that loves giving back to the community so not only do we get to work for a positive brand but we also get to know that we're making a positive impact on the community.

Cut to clip of Team Smiley handing out cookies.

Cut to Kelly and Jose addressing camera in front of the Cookie Cruiser, which is interspersed with clips from Team Smiley's adventures at various events.

>>KELLY Every weekend we travel to communities around the whole Pittsburgh area. It's so much fun. All the events are different and unique. We even have a chance to travel to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and State College with Special Olympics.

>>JOSIE It's something that's really special is we have the discretion to make all our decisions on our own. It really encourages a lot of collaboration and teamwork.

>>KELLY At the events, we have our cookie cruiser. We're handing out cookies. We have a smiley cookie decorating station for kids. Seeing everyone's positive reactions to it is always so incredible.

>>JOSIE Experiencing that smile on people's faces, it just really brightens your day.

Cut to Emmie standing in front of the cookie cruiser interspered with more event clips.

>>EMMIE As a member of Team Smiley, you'll quickly learn the community members love sharing their personal Eat'n Park experiences with the team. At each event we're really able to see the impact we're leaving on the community and also were able to hear just how much Eat'n Park means to everyone.

Cut back to Kelly and Josie in front of the Cookie Cruiser.

>>JOSIE One of the biggest things that drew me to this position is the ability to work independently of a supervisor. It's really not like your typical nine-to-five internship.

Clips of Team Smiley preparing their cookie table and getting the Cookies ready for the day.

Cut to Sabrina, another Team Smiley intern, in front of the Cookie Cruiser with dialouge that is interspersed with clips of Team Smiley working at the Eat'n Park Corporate Support Center.

>>SABRINA We're also able to collaborate directly with the marketing department on various projects. These projects aren't your typical intern work but actual meaningful projects that are making an impact for the company. And for me personally, I know that's really important because I want to know the work I do is really relevant but I'm also able to have fun with it and exercise my creativity and think critically.

Voiceover over more clips of Team Smiley working at the Corporate Support Center.

>>ALLISON Team Smiley has not only given me the opportunity to work with those who work at the Eat'n Park Corporate Support Center, but it's also given me the chance to network with those who work in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Cut to Allison standing in front of the Cookie Cruiser.

>>Allison I know that myself as well as my team members can say that the changes that we've had to work with these individuals have made a really great impact on our internship experience and I'm excited to take these skills to the professional field.

Cut to Smiley dancing.

Cut to Sabrina standing in front of the Cookie Cruiser.

>>SABRINA The skills overall and experiences that I've learned at Eat'n Park are very invaluable and easily transferrable to other organizations.

Voiceover over clips of more Team Smiley events.

>>SABRINA Past Team Smiley members have gone on to work and make a difference at amazing companies in and around Pittsburgh as well as across the United States. Eat'n Park really does care about setting you up for success, whether it be within their company or in your future career. They really do want you to be able to grow and learn.

Ending montage of footage from more Team Smiley events including decorating Smiley Cookies and Smiley dancing.

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Video Created by Team Smiley Interns

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