A title appears - "What's Your Reason to Smile?" as a team member is having makeup applied in the background.

>>Abbey: Eat'n Park is family.

>>Genevieve: Fabulous!

>>Nathaniel: Eat'n Park is the Place for Smiles!

>>Ric: The flexibility of working at Eat'n Park is the top reason that I continue to work for Eat'n Park.

>>Abbey: I never missed my nieces' and nephews' birthdays.

>>Genevieve: They are so flexible - it's like I get my hours and then I get my "me" time.

>>Ric: My son plays baseball and I've coached at every level. I can make my schedule around that.

>>Genevieve: I like making other people happy and laugh and smile...it lets me live the life that I want to live.

>>Janelle: Flexibility - that's my reason to smile.

Team members laughing.
A title appears on an orange screen: Flexible Schedules - That's My Reason to Smile! Need a job that fits YOUR schedule? Apply Now!

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