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Started as a single restaurant in Pittsburgh more than 65 years ago, Eat'n Park Hospitality Group has grown into a portfolio of regional foodservice concepts focused on personalized dining. We now serve more than 50 million guests every year in our restaurants, on college and corporate campuses, and in every state through our online store.

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Eat'n Park was founded in 1949 as the first Pittsburgh-area drive-in restaurant with carhops. Though the carhops are gone, and we now have more than 60 locations throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio, one thing remains the same -- our commitment to providing great food, exceptional value, and outstanding service.

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Hello Bistro has been unifying vegetarians and carnivores under one roof since 2012. In addition to a ginormous salad bar where you can top, chop, and rock your greens, we’re known for cooking up juicy burgers fresh off the grill that are certain to tickle your fancy.

But we don't stop where the burger meets the bun. Typical overachievers, we're also serving up grilled sam'iches, homemade soup, and tasty beverages to wet your whistle. Add a dash of attitude and a heaping helping of pop culture references, and there you have it: a sassy, spectacular fast-casual brand with a knack for chopping salads

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With two locations serving Oakland and the South Hills, The Porch features thoughtfully-crafted seasonal food made with fresh ingredients from our local partners and farms. 

The Porch is an authentic everyday experience for a casual meal, a special occasion destination, or a great place to reconnect with friends over a scratch-made meal and a cold drink on our porch.

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Smileycookie.com is our online store, offering Eat’n Park’s signature fresh-baked, hand-iced Smiley Cookies for delivery all over the country.

Smileycookie.com makes it easy for you to share a smile with anyone, anywhere, for any occasion. Our famous cookies take the celebratory shape of hearts, shamrocks, bunnies, jack-o-lanterns and more for holidays and special occasions, and are available in virtually any color combination to sweeten the offer.

Customers can even order customized cookies to match wedding colors, sport teams, corporate logos and more! Our cookies can be delivered fresh nearly anywhere to as many addresses as you choose.

Cookies ordered via SmileyCookie.com are kosher certified, nut-free, trans-fat free and backed with a 100% guarantee.

To send a smile today, visit www.SmileyCookie.com.


Parkhurst Dining, founded in 1996, is dedicated to creating personal relationships and authentic culinary experiences for corporations and private higher education institutions.

With an ever-present focus on quality, sustainability, and craftmanship, we offer a personalized approach to dining services and catering, tailoring highly customized programs to meet the needs of each client. Though we hang our hat on customization over standardization, Parkhurst Dining remains unwavering in our Culinary Gold Standards, which range from made-from-scratch pizza dough, to fresh stock soups, to hand-cut French fries.

We aim to nourish, comfort, and excite through our food offerings every single day.

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