At Eat’n Park, we offer several exciting internship opportunities. As an Eat’n Park intern, you’ll be immersed in our culture while gaining valuable hands-on experience.  Our internships include experiences on Team Smiley, in our restaurants, and at the Corporate Support Center. 

Team Smiley Internships

Looking for a sweet internship?  Have an appetite for adventure?  Do you love Eat’n Park? 

If you answered yes to these three questions, you may be interested in joining Team Smiley!  As a part of an elite group of marketing interns, you’ll represent a leading restaurant chain and work with the public in a high-profile role. It’s a great opportunity to gain hands-on experience, both in the field and in the office.  Team Smiley interns are the driving force behind Eat’n Park’s mobile marketing program and operate and maintain Smiley’s Cookie Cruiser – plus they have fun while doing it!  Our intern team spreads goodwill (and Smiley Cookies!) all summer long at community and family events throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.  While in the office, interns work hand-in-hand with the marketing department to brainstorm and develop new projects, execute promotions, and create smiles for guests and team members.

Learn more about this exciting opportunity from Team Smiley themselves:


Become a better leader, work as part of a team, and experience marketing firsthand all while having fun! To apply, click here.

Restaurant Internships

If you have a real interest in the restaurant industry, our paid Management Residency Program (MRP) program is your chance to explore career options while earning valuable experience.

During the MRP, you will be trained in several hourly departments. After being certified, in each department, you will direct the entire team during your scheduled shifts. You will learn cash handling procedures, product ordering, and effective team member management, and you also will experience guest interactions. Our MRP is ten weeks long (400 hours) and is modeled after our management training program.

Interns are required to complete a project at their restaurant and present it to senior leaders. This is an outstanding opportunity to network with executives and showcase your talents.
The MRP is only available once a year.   Click here for opportunities.

Corporate Support Center Internships

Our Corporate Support Center team is comprised of friendly, talented individuals in the following departments: IT, Real Estate, Accounting, Finance, Payroll, Benefits, Facilities Maintenance, Human Resources, and Marketing. Our internships vary by department.

Click here for opportunities.

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