Eat'n Park Wins National Restaurant Association Restaurant Neighbor Award

This is the Place for Smiles.

A title screen shows the following text: 2011 National Restaurant Association Restaurant Neighbor Award. Eat'n Park Hospitality Group. Large Business Award.

Montage of team members' smiling faces. Jim Broadhurst, Chairman, voiceover:

>>JIM BROADHURST: This is the Place for Smiles. We'd started back in 1949, as basically a car hop.

Photos of Smiley Merchandise and Eat'n Park restaurant exterior with voiceover from Trina DeMarco, Director of Corporate Giving and Community Partnerships:

>>TRINA DEMARCO: Sixty-one years later, we have seventy-three restaurants now across three states. We're a familiar friend; people trust us as a place to come with their family and have a great meal,so we should really support them outside of our restaurants too, and that's a commitment we take really seriously.

Montage of Caring for Kids collateral. Then cut to Trina sitting in Eat'n Park dining room:

>>TRINA DEMARCO: Caring for Kids started as a really simple idea in 1979 with one of our servers. She was really passionate about giving back to the community, and decided to have a fundraiser to raise money for the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation. The next year, she challenged her peers to do the same.

Voiceover of Jim Broadhurst over montage of Caring for Kids Campaign photos:

>>JIM BROADHURST: The Caring for Kids Campaign is truly a grassroots effort. Our employees get really excited about raising money and using their own creative talents.

Montage continues of Caring For Kids photos. Voiceover of Trina DeMarco:

>>TRINA DEMARCO: This is our largest fundraising campaign of the year. It's something that everyone in this company looks forward to.

Cut to Linda Mayou, Caring For Kids Campaign Chairperson at Monongahela Eat'n Park:

>>LINDA MAYOU: They just cannot wait to get it started. They just, "Can't we start it sooner? Can't we start it sooner?"

Caring for Kids montage with Trina voiceover:

>>TRINA DEMARCO: And it turns into quite the competition.

Cut back to Linda in restaurant:

>>LINDA MAYOU: We do a sportsman's giveaway, we do a holiday bash, we also raffle things off at the restaurant, like Steeler baskets. We do a round up. We're rounding up your change for Children's Hospital. We also sell car tickets!

Voiceover of Greg Barett, President of Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation over Caring For Kids Montage:

>>GREG BARRETT: The wait staff here set aside Tips for Tots, where they set aside a day to give their tips to support Children's Hospital, and that's an enormous contribution.

Text on screen: Since 1979, more than $7 million has been raised for Children's Hospitals in Eat'n Park communities. This year they hope to pass the $8 million mark.

Voiceover from Jim Broadhurst over another Caring For Kids photo montage:

>>JIM BROADHURST: The great thing in raising money for Children's Hospital is it helps kids, and we're a family restaurant chain, and I know a lot of people have been treated at the hospital.

Cut to LInda in restaurant:

>>LINDA MAYOU: This campaign has a special meaning, and that special meaning is my daughter Nicole. She had a neuroblastoma, and the hospital was right there for me.

Linda voiceover continues over shots of Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Eat'n Park Atrium:

>>LINDA MAYOU: That is definitely why I am willing to do whatever it takes to help them.

Trina DeMarco voiceover over video of team members smiling.

>>TRINA DEMARCO: The Caring for Kids campaign is a success for one reason: and it's because of the dedication of our team members.

Montage of smiling team members working in restuarant over Greg Barrett voiceover:

>>GREG BARRETT: These people are so dedicated to this, and they work so hard. I am absolutely thrilled that Eat'n Park won this award, and I can't think of any organization deserves this more than them.

Montage continues.

Text appears on screen: Eat'n Park Hospitality Group Large Business Award. 2011 National Restaurant Association Restaurant Neighbor Award.

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