Join the Team at Eat'n Park

Family Atmosphere

Ashlee, a server at Eat'n Park, addresses the camera from the lobby of an Eat'n Park restaurant.

"I love the people I work with and my managers. I work as part of a team, with a great group of people who are more my family than my coworkers."

Cathy, another server, addresses the camera.

"My managers are friendly and approachable and always thanking me for coming into work and for working so hard to take care of our guests. That goes a long way, and makes me feel like a valued part of a team."

Ellen, a greeter, addresses the camera.

"I truly feel I am part of a team and that I make a difference."

Jesse, as server, adresses the camera.

"Our managers are the best, and are always there to help."

Ashlee appears again.

"I'm not just an employee; they see me as a person and truly care about my well-being and development."

The Eat'n Park logo appears.

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