Social Responsibility and Volunteerism at Eat'n Park

Social Responsibility and Volunteerism

Julius, General Manager, addresses as he sits in the lobby of an Eat'n Park restaurant.

"One of the reasons I chose Eat'n Park as a place to work was the level of social responsibility that the company displays.

Every year, I'm amazed by the amount of money we raise for Children's Hospital, Junior Achievement, and the United Way. I have taken advantage of opportunities
to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, the Pittsburgh Food Bank, and to help plant vegetables at local farms...all sponsored through Eat'n Park. "

As Julius speaks, a montage of photos runs, showing Eat'n Park volunteers at community events, waving to the camera, and helping plant at a local farm.

"We donate thousands of dollars each year worth of product, gift cards, and Smiley Cookies to help support our local churches and schools in their efforts to raise funds. The best thing about our volunteerism and charitable donations is that they're completely authentic. Nobody forces anyone to do it; our team members and managers genuinely care about helping others."

A photo montage shows two Eat'n Park volunteers with the Smiley mascot.

"Because of these factors, I don't just feel like a manager of a restaurant. I feel like my work is important and meaningful, and that it makes a difference in the lives of others."

The Eat'n Park logo appears as the Eat'n Park jingle plays in the background.

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