Nutritional Info

You can calculate the nutritional information for your entire meal, from appetizer to dessert. Just choose the appropriate menu category and menu item below, then click "Add item to meal." Add as many items as you want.

To remove an item from your meal, uncheck the box to the left of the item name, then click "Recalculate Your Meal."

You can customize menu items by clicking "View ingredients" and unchecking ingredients as appropriate. Please note that some ingredients are essential to the preparation of the item, so you may not be able to remove them. To update your meal totals, click "Recalculate Your Meal."



All nutritional values are approximate and differences may occur due to the nature of the product and to the variations in preparation at the restaurant level. Nutrition information was obtained through the Nutritional Data Service at the University of Minnesota and other independent labs and manufacturers. Ingredients may change without notice. If you have concerns about any product or its ingredients, ask the restaurant manager for more information.

Nutritional Information PDF

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