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Life Work Balance

Meshell, a General Manager, addresses the camera from the lobby of an Eat'n Park restaurant.

"Hi! My name is Meshell Brannan, and I've been with Eat'n Park for fifteen years. One of the main things that drew me to Eat'n Park for my management career is the one weekend off every four weeks. No other restaurant i interviewed with could give me that guarantee. The schedule is done to help balance the shifts between the managers, and given weeks in advance, so we can plan things in our personal lives."

Julius, another General Manager, addresses the camera.

"As a general manager, my biggest responsibility is to maintain schedule flexibility so that my team members and managers can get the days off that they need take care of themselves and their families. We also have our team members fill out surveys to gauge their level of satisfaction with their jobs. We spend a great deal time going over the results and taking action based on the feedback we receive from our team members."

Meshell appears again.

"Although it is true that this isn't a Monday through Friday daylight position, Eat'n Park strives to make sure that their managers and team members enjoy their time with their families with a successful work-life balance. Last year I was able to see my daughter cheer at every football game, and I haven't missed a single band concert of my son's. That's what's most important to me, and it means a lot that Eat'n Park makes it possible to build those things into my schedule. I'm thankful to work a company that allows me to be there for them and still have a successful career."

The Eat'n Park logo appears as the Place for Smiles jingle closes out the video.

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